Micro IT believes in finding you a career that you will love. Our approach is highly personal, specialised and hands-on, ensuring that we are always attentive to our clients and our partners. Whether your journey is just starting, or just starting to change, we can guide you right until the end. From offering advice on how to tailor your CV to coaching you through the interview, Micro IT’s dedicated team are here for you.
We select our clients carefully, matching them with specific candidates and partners. We are meticulous in our process and always strive to forge exciting new relationships between the best-of-the-best.


Many of our larger clients use Micro IT as a (not so) standard recruiting agency on their behalf, either on a contingency basis or as a retained partner. With this service, we offer an innovative approach with solutions that are tailored to our clients’ wants and needs. By working with both permanent and contractor staffing, we can reduce the time and cost to hire, leaving you with more money in your pocket and more hours in the day… Which means you can focus on other priorities, like that freshly brewed cup of coffee you haven’t had time to drink yet.

In-House Recruitment

The truth is, sometimes only in-house assistance will do. And with our in-house recruitment service, you can bring Micro IT’s dedicated team of experts on-site for some of that much needed support. RPO, or ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing’, is an extremely efficient and hands-on way of tackling a variety of internal staffing problems. Whether it’s a time of rapid expansion, a project that would benefit from a contracted expert, or a short-term hiring plan for a particular event, we can handle it all. As a team of independent recruitment experts, we also provide one-to-one consultancy with your HR team on both large and small-scale hiring programmes.

Project Outsourcing

We are proud to offer our clients outsourced testing, development and IT support. Our consultancy services allow you to cut costs dramatically, whilst maintaining an impeccable customer experience. Our IT support work is efficient, cost effective and guarantees client satisfaction, no matter what the project. Save time and effort with Micro IT at your service.